Simplify your holiday decisions for giving to charities

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your decision-making as you sort through the growing stack of charitable giving opportunities, consider using your social impact personality type as a filter.

Here’s how getting in touch with your good side can help you make funding decisions that are right for you.

If you’re an “investor," meaning you like to “do good” on your own and watch the bottom line, ask yourself if the organization making it easy for you to give. Can you give online? Cash or stock? Are tax credits available? Does the organization publish reports with statistics about its success?

If your social impact personality type is a “connector,” you’ll want to focus on the human side of the equation. Do you know the people involved with the organization, or have you attended one of the organization’s events? Have you been personally involved with this organization, either as a volunteer on on the board of directors? Does the organization have the endorsement of a respected third party?

Finally, if you’re an “activator” who is passionate about addressing a specific community challenge, you’ll want to make sure you care about the problem this organization is trying to solve. Does a quick glance at the charity’s website give you a sense of how the charity measures outcomes? Does the organization’s website include feedback from the people whom the organization serves?

This simple checklist--based on your own social impact style--can cut your decision-processing time in half, and give you a lot more satisfaction from your charitable giving this holiday season, too.

FamilyLaura McKnight