Selfie for a cause?

You love doing good. Donating to a charity of your choice, helping a neighbor with groceries, learning a few new recycling protocols, attending a community event, purchasing a product that supports a cause that has touched your family, serving on a committee to share your talent. It's all good, and you’re doing a lot of it.

But what happens when you combine the power and influence of today's social media with the increasing importance of community impact? That’s when things get interesting, because you can be a part of winning over the hearts and minds of today's socially-conscious generation. It’s called a Social Impact Story (or you can call it a Social Impact Selfie), and nearly everyone has one.

Here’s how to share yours, in three easy steps.  

  1. Start with an inventory. You are probably doing more good than you think you are. There are 10 ways to do good, not just one or two, and it all counts. Giving to a charity of your choice, volunteering for a favorite cause, recycling and respecting a sustainable environment, attending community events, and donating necessities are just a few of the 10 ways. Start checking your good boxes and pick a couple where others can help, too.

  2. Find a hook. Okay, so you’re involved. What’s a quick data point that will inspire your family, friends and colleagues to join you for that 5K, food drive, school committee, or fundraiser? The best statistics are those that describe the impact of your activities. So, for example “I recycled 15 cans of Diet Coke this weekend,” or “My kids and I delivered Rice Krispie treats to 30 people at the nursing home,” or “We’re giving $5 a month to feed a child overseas.” Numbers matter!

  3. Now, share your story. What’s your favorite social media tool? Is it Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Or email? Text? Even an old fashioned phone call? Start sharing your message with enthusiasm, and you’ll inspire others to make a difference, too.

Wow! You’re looking good!

LifestyleLaura McKnight