Springtime, kids, and going green

Spring is the perfect season to think about fun things like spring cleaning, gardening, making summer plans and, of course, going green. Recycling and respecting a sustainable environment are terrific ways to do good. Especially after a long, chilly winter. Get your family involved because going green is especially lots of fun for kids.

Here are four easy ways to get started.

1. Take an inventory of all things green.

Walk around your house with your children and point out where your family is already going green. Have a little fun, marking the spots with big green Xs. You might be surprised to find out just how good and how green you already are! Energy saving light bulbs for your fixtures. Re-usable bags in your pantry. The thermostat set on a timer to save on electricity. Organic produce in your refrigerator. See? You are so good!

2. Study your recycling bin and learn where things go.

What are the rules for recycling? Check out the top of your recycling bin in the garage, and then go through your trash to find boxes, cans and cardboard. Your kids won’t mind getting a little dirty. Talk about what makes each item recyclable. This one is useful for adults, too. Bet you learn something you didn’t know!

3. Read books with your kids about the environment and recycling.

It’s not always a topic they’d pick on their own, but you will be surprised to see how much they enjoy it. Going green feels good at any age.

4. Bake something with a hint of green. 

Try something new in your kitchen, such as a touch of organic next time you bake a cake or make cookies by adding a garnish of edible, organic flowers as a finishing touch to the layer of frosting.  

LifestyleLaura McKnight