Good company? Listen for these three clues.

Is your employer in touch with its good side? Research indicates that a phenomenon called “Social Impact Culture Type” is gaining influence on personal achievements and satisfaction at home and in the workplace. How can you tell if the company you work for is living up to the expectations of today’s workforce?

Here are three things you’re likely to hear from a good company.

“We care about you.”

When your employer understands your preferences for helping others, you will be better equipped to achieve your own personal and professional success. This is better for your bottom line, not just the company’s bottom line. Your employer should demonstrate a strong interest in the ways you personally enjoy doing good in the community, beyond workplace giving and volunteering programs.  

“What are your favorite social impact activities?”

Your employer should be asking you about your preferences for social impact activities. These are called the 10 Way to Do Good: Giving to charities, volunteering, serving on nonprofit boards of directors, celebrating at community events, recycling and respecting a sustainable environment, marketing a favorite cause, donating items of food and clothing, purchasing products that support a cause, sharing with family and friends in need, and caring about health and wellness.

“We are in touch with our Social Impact Culture.”

Your employer should be paying attention to whether the overall Social Impact Culture Type of its employee base leans toward Investor, Activator or Connector. These are the three types of “Social Impact Culture.” For clues, check the company’s website--especially the “people” or “culture” sections. You’ll quickly get a feel for whether Social Impact Culture is on the company’s radar--or not.

SuccessLaura McKnight